Freemasonry Antique Gold Badge/Pin, Aberdeen Lodge 1927

  • €2,400.00

Unique authentic Freemasonry Antique Gold Badge/Pin, dated 1927, hallmarked and numbered. Belonged to a high freemasonry rank of Aberdeen Lodge.

The lower part features a sun face, with two rose cut diamonds set as eyes, framed in the Freemason signs of the square and compass set within an outer border engraved with an acanthus leaf design

The upper part features a plaque with the name of the owner engraved and a small Freemason signs of the square and compass with a "G" in the center, all adorned by a leaf motif.

The jewel is 5,5 cm (2,16 in) wide and 10 cm (3,93 in) long

CONDITION: Pre-owned - Excellent 10/10
METAL: 18k Gold
WEIGHT: 20,50 grams

* the jewel comes with appraisal and warranty in the original box

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