Sciacca Coral Victorian Multi-Strand Necklace

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Wonderful necklace made up of 7 strands of many non-homogeneous flakes of ancient Mediterranean coral from Sciacca. The Sciacca coral has unique characteristics that distinguish it from all other corals: its color ranges from intense orange to pale salmon-pink characterized by brownish and sometimes black spots, precisely to testify and certify its volcanic origin, up to brownish of the fossil coral "burned" by the very high temperatures reached. The color of the necklace is an intense orange and is homogeneous for all the threads, including the sculpture on the clasp. The sculpture represents Venus with perfectly defined curls on her chest. Approximately 0.70 ct of old mine cut diamonds and approximately 0.50 ct of sapphires surround the clasp.

CONDITION: Pre-owned - Excellent 10/10
METAL: 18k Gold and Silver
STONE: Diamonds ct 0,70 cts, Coulored Sapphires ct 0,50
DESIGN ERA: Victorian - Circa 1880
WEIGHTS: 253 g, of which 30 g is the clasp.
Dimensions: length: 60 cm

* the jewels are professionally tested by our internal gemological team of specialist I.G.I./HRD - the jewel comes with warranty/appraisal in a nice case

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